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Monday, November 5, 2012

Road Trip

Now this is a lot of beef!!!!
We took a little road trip yesterday. It was a frigid and slightly snowy day.
 Since I found out that the cattle industry has been supplementing grain with CANDY!!!!, I choose not to buy it unless it is grass fed and organic. How the hell can we fight the obesity epidemic in this country if the dairy and beef cattle are being fed everything but the kitchen sink?! We need to know what is in our food! I raise my own chickens, so I know whats in my eggs. But now the milk and beef have mass amounts of sugar. It's cheap and makes the cattle eat more. Of course they are going to eat more, they're addicted! Plus, what corn they do consume is probably genetically altered. And you as a consumer will not know that because the stores don't have to divulge any of that info. Just the fat contents. 
Check out this video,
So we went local and started buying beef from a farmer that only raises his cattle on grass and nothing else. They are Scottish Highland cattle and are so darn cute with all that hair. We have seen his farm and have been very happy with the meat. It's so delicious, the grand kids  demand the burgers. We call them "hairy cow" burgers.
This is his bull. I never thought to get his name but he was magnificent! He's ten years old and soon to retire. 
These youngsters were up having some salt. They don't know it yet, but they are the next batch of burgers.
I could never raise them for meat, I become too attached.
There is another attraction in this area,
these are EVERYWHERE! They are even in the pastures. Awesome and a little spooky. 
We actually were right underneath this one. They are so silent and eerie. I wonder what these guys think of them?
Miles and miles of them. 
This picture was taken two weeks ago on a ride out to Morrisville. Beautiful sunny day. 

Most of the leaves were gone already but it still was a pretty ride.

So this was a post about a little venting, and a nice ride in the country. Not to mention a great dinner!
Thanks for dropping by.


Buttons said...

Highland cattle are beautiful. I raise only grass fed beef and yes you certainly do become attached:) Great shots love those wind turbines. B

TexWisGirl said...

the highlands are so cute. i follow a blogger that raises them.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

cute "hairy cows" and Mr hairy bull. The wind mill are really cool, but definitely look a little out of place in the land