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Thursday, August 1, 2013

I have been away.......

                      It's been a very long time since I posted. From February. I had a very hard time after losing my Chumley, almost a depression. I have not finished any projects, I was lucky I kept up with daily chores. I could not believe how much an animal has such an impact on a human! He was my right arm! 

But I'm back, and had acquired another rescue, Missy, a fox terrier that had been in a shelter for 3 years. She settled in nicely with a few problems but nothing I can't handle. I was visiting my daughter, who fosters rescues, and Missy was there. One look is all it took. She is 5ish, and the sweetest little dog.  When I take more pictures, they will be posted. She did help me in a way that I didn't dwell on Chum. She is already attached to me and a part of the family. 

Hopefully I will get back to my blogging. This is a start.


Buttons said...

Oh Pattie I am so happy you are back and I understand they do get into your heart and soul. Chumley would want you to move on and it seems this Missy is what you need. HUGS take care and welcome back. Hug again B

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Oh Pattie, I am so glad you are back, even if it is briefly. So happy that you have welcomed another furry baby into your heart and a rescue, that is wonderful. When we lost our sweethearts, almost 2 years ago, I was so depressed I cried every day. We now have 3 rescued darlings and life is good again. I hope to see some pictures of lovely Missy soon.


Phyllis said...

I understand completely. I lost my beloved Princess on April 15th and got very depressed. I've let my blog go but still visit others.

Chumley was so special to you, the way Princess was to me. We adored each other and my heart was so full of lover for her and I know it was all returned two fold. I have three dogs now but none compare to precious Princess.