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Meet Pattie

Hello fellow bloggers!
I am a daughter, mother, wife, rescuer of animals and inanimate items. I was laid off from work in January, 2010, so I have been spending a lot of time on the computer where I found all of you guys!  How great!!  I have been on interviews, but to tell the truth.......I'm likin' all the free time to finish projects and de-stress.

Also, I have been fighting a battle with fibromyalgia, where every part of my body is in pain.  There are good days and then there are really bad days where I cannot move a muscle. So, it could be a week before I can accomplish any projects or even clean the house!  Then I sit at my computer and check out all of your blogs. I am loving all the projects everyone has been creating.

I have been busy too.  We live in my grandparent's farm house which is over 150 years old and has been handed down to us.  We have been renovating it  and continue to do so.

I call the farm Hollyhock Farm because there are millions of hollyhocks from the time my grandmother lived here.

I am so glad you came for a visit!!  Please stop in again.